I think it’s safe to say that you want to keep things as simple as possible in the summer. I am in love with this little (orange) dress from Kendi Boutique it’s simple yet with so many little details it works as its own statement piece. It’s one of those pieces that you can wear for a lot of different events and it just works. Not to mention you can wear it two different ways. Whenever I can find an item that is versatile with a touch of luxe…. I’m sold. This is exactly that and has been one of my favorite pieces to put on this summer. I figured I should make a quick post on this dress as I’ve read all your comments on my Instagram page asking where I got it. I’ve linked Kendi Boutique’s store so it’s much easier for you guys to find plus the dress is under 100!!! you can’t go wrong with that. I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend and enjoying this beautiful summer weather.

Xox, August 5th, 2017

Author: Leticia Mukendi

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Women must be comfortable with what they wear. Fashion is more than clothes. It is an attitude that comes with confidence.

Cristel M- Founder of Kendi Boutique