Fitted shirt with front detail

Color: White

Fitted shirt with front detail, a simple, versatile, day-to-day must-have.

Because of the noble fibers in its composition, satin poplin was the material of choice, distinct for its elasticity, comfort, and soft-touch feel. A take on a menswear mainstay and of classic inspiration. Luxe modern details make for a reinvented shirt. The fitted shirt with front detail features white mother-of-pearl buttons that are covered by a placket, while its back is complemented by a full-length pleat. The overlapping closure cuff also features two buttonholes, one horizontal, the other diagonal. It can, however, be left unfastened for an unconventional look. Execution takes 130 m of fabric, 3 h of work and maximum attention to detail – including clean-finished seams.

Highly adaptable and suitable for any time of the day. Wear it buttoned-up, for a sober boyfriend look, or with a few buttons undone, for an ultra-feminine look. Perfect to accessorize with a scarf or a pearl necklace, kindling immediate sophistication.

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