NYE is probably my personal favourite fashion moment of the year. It’s a time to celebrate with friends, sip some champagne, look, and feel fabulous. Sexy and classy looks are two very common New Year’s Eve go-to’s. But why not be both?  I’ve curated some both very sexy but also very sweet looks in my time but I always try to balance it. 

The balance of a sexy but sweet look is an art, but one I like to think I’ve mastered. Every woman wants to look and feel sexy, there’s no denying that. For some, it could be a super tight, skin bearing dress or a very classy, conservative dress. Both sexy depending on what your idea of sexy is. My proposition to you is to step out of your comfort zone and try to spice things up a little this year. That may mean shocking your friends by wearing something they aren’t used to. I’m not requesting you go gallivanting half naked or to wear a gown to your NYE festivities, but to think of what a regular going out outfit might look for you, and spice things up.


 [What’s a sexy but sweet look?  A look that’s classy,

conservative, but also sleek, sexy and on trend.]



The sexy component could be a smokey eye versus your average mascara and minimal eye shadow. It could be showing off the bod you’ve been working so hard for (not me) or the extra big ta-ta’s you have because you’ve gained a bit of weight (me!). Sexy could just be wearing whatever fits because you’re so god damn over everything in your closet but instead put together an unreal hair and makeup look. Jeeze, sexy can be pajamas.  There is no image of what sexy is. Sexy is individual just like every person is unique.

The sweet component can be pairing a super sexy dress with a thigh high boot (like I have above), still sexy but less skin bearing and warmer! Sweet can be styling your hair a little different so that it makes you feel pretty. Sweet can be wearing sentimental jewelry over costume jewelry. Sweet can be lending last year’s NYE dress to a friend. Sweet can simply be wearing your favourite colour.

I guess the key to being sexy but sweet is to wear whatever makes you feel sexy and sweet. Or hot, or pretty. But remember what NYE is really for, ringing in the new year with loved ones and people you see in your future! 

December 26, 2017 


With love,


Women must be comfortable with what they wear. Fashion is more than clothes. It is an attitude that comes with confidence.

Cristel M- Founder of Kendi Boutique